University Preparation courses around the world

The LSI University Pathway Service is designed specifically to help and prepare our students to apply to and thrive at English-speaking universities or colleges.

In addition to intensive language and academic tuition of our Academic English programme, our trained university counsellors help you choose the right university or college programme. They assist you at every stage of the application process, from start to finish. At the same time, LSI’s academic team work with you to design a study plan tailored to your needs and then monitor your progress to ensure that you achieve these goals wherever possible.

Why LSI?

  • Established over 50 years
  • Schools all over the world
  • City centre locations
  • Schools with latest technology
  • Courses for groups and individuals
  • 123 different student nationalities
  • University Pathway School Destinations

    Academic English

    LSI’s Academic English programme gives you the skills in spoken and written English that you need to succeed at an English-speaking university or college.

    The University Pathway Service includes:

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